World over, for time immemorial ,  the  child is considered adorable!

Contrary to this,  a child  is  found  to  be understood  otherwise  like  rude,

less focused,  obnoxious,  distractive,  lacking  trust  and  concentration. Let us

remember now, we as  parents  can be a major  reason affecting his growth,

when world  again is too fast  these days    to stand for anything called values .

At this point, the child requires   Protection, Space and  Correctly –understood        –  Freedom.

Hence, here we are, with a unique programmers  HEY MOM!


Hey Mom !

“Hey Mom”  is  a  bold  first  level  attempt  to  discuss  and  to  improve  the  role of a parent aloud as a significant part in the  Physical   &  Mental   Development  of  the  Child  in  his formative  years!

Hey Mom   Team  believes,  this way  a child  is    received,  perceived,  addressed, appreciated  and  respected  better!

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